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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lakers win again, is Kobe Ball OVER? Has Kobe learned what Team Basketball Means?

Oh yes, the Lakers beat the Suns 99-92. Why are they winning? Oh wait, is it because Kobe is scoring 81 points? NO. Is it because he's shooting his usual 9 out 33? NO. Is it because Shaq decided to come back to the Lakers to carry Kobe on his back again? NO.

3 words fo you: "NO KOBE BALL" (i.e. no 30 footers, no 1 on 5, no jacking-up 33 shots, and only making 9).

Kobe, I mean Dobe, shot his usual 33%, yes you Kobe-Kissasses, Kobe shot his usual 33% (i.e. 6 out of 18). Nothing new there, Kobe was just being Kobe. So why are the Lakers winning? because all 5 starters were in double-figures, which means that the team is playing "Team Ball." What? Kobe & Teamball? Has hell frozen over? EVERYTIME the Lakers win in the playoffs, by playing teamball, is proof that Kobe is overrated, and that "Kobe Ball" does NOT work.

The question is, if Kobe is so smart/good, why has it taken him 10 years of his NBA life to share the rock? Hmm, or better yet, how long can he keep this up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all about lamar odom, kobe does nothing to contribute to the team aspect except to not take dumb shots and pass when he is double and tripled teamed. Don't expect it to be forever, his inflated ego will cause him to want to average 35.

4:34 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Exactly, The Lakers keep winning b/c Kobe is not being Kobe, which gives the other players a chance to actually play basketball.

Actually, with 17 seconds left, Kobe actually took one of his typical 3 pointers with a guy in his face, hoping to be the hero. Smush Parker saved his ass by stealing the ball from Nash, so NO, that layup that Kobe made with no time left doesn't really tell the story.

11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kobe isn't all that clutch, for a guy that they say is 'very talented' he can't get open to take a good shot at the end. jordan was a hundred times faster and knew how to play and didn't over dribble. jordan had the dribble that was rock solid, not doing the stupid cross-over crap, its just a waste of a move. Jordan just blew by people on comand. Whenever kobe tries to blow by people he gets caught in a double team b/c its easy to catch up to him b/c he isn't incredibily fast.

1:03 AM

Blogger Zero said...

Hey smart-guy, he shared the ball with shaq, fox, horry, and fisher for years. If you were playing with a bunch of special-olympics guys, you'd be keeping the ball in your hands too.

And Odom is not the reason they were winning. The reason everyone else on the team was shooting better is because the suns had to respect kobe and send a double to him every time he touched the ball.

2:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is it going to take for the world to see that kobe is clearly the greatest player ever to touch a basketball? (another 81, 62, 50+, points or 5.5 ast 5.4 rbd year)

dam the guy is human just like anybody else (except that he's more famous and
nothing you do or say will stop him from making money)

He is the MVP and the most dominate ever (MDE)

so love him or hate him he will still give a 100% on the court regardless

11:24 PM


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