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Friday, March 17, 2006

No Kidding!! Kobe Is Discarded by Vince Carter and Jason Kidd.

Seems like Kobe has been getting shut down game after game, first by Manu Gnobli, then by Ray Allen, Ron Artest and Bonzi Wells, Ricky Davis and now by Vince Carter and Jason Kidd! Kobe was 9-for-24 last night and the Lakers lost to the Nets 89 to 92. Nenad Krstic, on the other hand, had only 2 more points than Bryant (26) on 11-for-16 shooting. Kobe was hoping to tie the game with his usual 3 pointer at the buzzer, but failed miserably. Oh no, Kobe's shooting average is going down. He must be happy AI is hurt, or he just might just lose his #1 position in the league. Kobe must be really fuming by now, let's see if that anger does anything for him against King James tomorrow.


Blogger Scott McLean said...

Kobe played a decent all-around game, with quite a few assists and rebounds.

Let's be totally honest, the Lakers are lousy. Without Bryant they would have about 20 wins right now.

I like your blog a lot because you are right. And while scoring in the mid 30's this season, Kobe's field goal percentage isn't Hall of Fame caliber or anything.

Take care and good luck, Scott

3:56 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Thank you very much for your comment, Scott.

I agree with you, the Lakers, as the team they are right now, would not go anywhere without Kobe. Kobe has talent, no one can deny that.

But we can't forget that the reason the Lakers are in that situation is because Kobe needs to be the one and only star. Thanks to him, they've traded away Shaq and other decent players like Derek Fisher and Gary Payton. So if Kobe is stuck with a mediocre team, it is no fault but his own.

It is a shame, but Kobe's selfishness and nasty attitude will always get in the way of anything he does.

Thanks for reading and I very much welcome more comments.

6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Dobe is a talented player. No one can take that away from him, and I also agree that Kobe had a decent game against the Net.

However, a great player finds a way to win with what he has, just like Jordan did. The Laker's current record, and the lousy record last year only serves to highlight how selfish and overrated Dobe. A great player is 1.)One that shines above his peers (ala Jordan, Nash, etc.); 2. One that makes his teammates better (ala Jordan, Steve Nash, Majic Johnson). Dobe only meets criteria 1.

Dobe might have awesome games like his 81 point game, or his decent showing against the Net. BUT, unlike Jordan, Dobe does not understand that he would be able to win more games (and be able to score alot more points)if the other teams did not know where the scoring would come from the Lakers. The Lakers don't have the element of surprise when on offense b/c Dobe is it, he takes all the shots, he yells at players (like Odom and Kwame) when HE does not take the glory shots, I wonder is he ever yells at himself when he goes 9 out of 33, or 8 out of 29. And this not rare, he shoots like that all the time.

No one can say that he has to shoot so much b/c his players suck. They suck b/c they don't take shots, and when they take shots, they have alot of pressure on them to make those shots b/c if they miss. Lord Dobe will yell at them.

Why did the Lakers trade Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins away from the Lakers? b/c the GM of the Lakers is an idito, but also b/c these guys were competing with Dobe as they're scorers just like Dobe. I can understand that trade if they had gotten Kevin Garnett, or someone of that caliber. These guys wanted to leave the Lakers b/c they were wasting their talents since Kobe took all the shots. Now Caron Butler is kicking-ass with Wizards, and Dobe is happy b/c that means more shots for him. But does it mean more wins for

9:01 PM


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