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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kobe misses needless 3-pointer at the buzzer, Cavs beat Lakers 96-95

Kobe never misses a chance to try to shine, even if it may cost his team the game. Why did he need to take a 3-pointer with 2 defenders on him when the Lakers were only down by 1 point with 3.4 seconds left? Wouldn't it had made more sense to drive and get fouled, or to take a higher percentage shot? Or perhaps to swallow your pride and pass the ball to someone else, since everyone in the Cavs arena was expecting Kobe to take the last shot? Just look at what the Cavs did when they were tied 95-95: Flip Murray drove to the basket and got fouled (by Kobe, by the way), got one of his free throws and secured the victory for the Cavs.

Kobe, as well Smush Parker and Lamar Odom, had a great first half. The team as whole shot amazingly well (70+%), Kobe was 10-for-15, and it seemed like the Cavs had already lost the game. But, Kobe reverted to his old self in the second half, taking a number of crazy shots. He was 4-for-15 during the second half before making his first 3-pointer of the game with 1:33 left. Then, with the teams tied and 8.6 seconds remaining, Kobe attempted another unnecessary 3-pointer that didn't even come close to going in.

Oh, and Kobe finally gets a technical foul for throwing a hissy fit while double teamed by Eric Snow and Flip Murray, trying to grab a rebound off LeBron's missed lay up. He, like other star players, get preferential treatment from the refs (like when Kobe hurled the ball at two Kings after missing a free throw in the game against Sacramento last week), but this one didn't slide past them.

Who can Kobe blame for this loss? No one but himself.


Blogger asorto1 said...

I agree with TeamPlayer. Dobe once again causes the Lakers to lose. Yes, I know, I know, Dobe had 38 points. BUT, does he know what to do when it counts? does he know what to do when the game is on the line? NO. As TeamPlayer correctly put it, why did Dobe need to take a 3 pointer with 3 guys in his face when the Lakers needed 2 points to win? Let me get this straight, the Lakers need two points to win, they get the ball at half-court, 3 guys are covering Dobe right at the 3-point line, what does Dobe do? he takes a fade-away three pointer with 3 guys on him!!!!. NICE.

Hmm, if you need 2 points to win, wouldn't you want to take the higher percentage shot (i.e. a drive to the basket, or somethng close)? and NO, he didn't have to take the 3 pointer, the 3 pointer was actually the LAST choice as he was being tripple-teamed. But like always, Dobe wants to make sure that he takes the glory shot, and a 2 pointer wouldn't do it. Dobe much rather take an extremely difficult shot and make it and see the Lakers lose, then to take 2 non-spectacular free-throws and see the Lakers lose.

The Lakers could be up by 20, and Dobe would let the other team tie the game so he can take a fade-away 3 pointer with 5 guys on his face so Dobe can make Sportscenter the next day.

Way to go Dobe. Nice!!! Ironically, the Cavs won by doing what Dobe should have done.

5:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kobe defer to Lamar? That will never happen. Lamar has been on fire the last few games, and especially when Kobe is out of the game. Kobe just ignores that fact, and starts jackin' up those ridiculous fade aways with 2 guys hangin' on him once he re-enters the game. What's more ridiculous? Those lame announcers praising him, once he makes one of them. The guy is selfish, period.

Kwame may not be a scoring option at this point, but when the guy is busting his butt playing D the entire game... Feeding him the rock when he beats his man down court, open for an easy alley-oop. Naaah, Kobe needs to jack up another 3 or should I say a brick.

Now, the Laker nation is asking for KG next year. I can only laugh, cause' Kobe doesn't need a second or third option. HE IS ALL OF THOSE! Perhaps, they should get a fourth or fifth.

10:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, this is like the funniest thing I've ever seen. You spend your life hating Kobe. This is flatout HILARIOUS . You hate Kobe with all your heart but spend your life talking about him.

Did Kobe turn down your blow job offer or something? Is that why you're so bitter?

11:10 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

To the idiot that this it's hilarious to have a "Kobe haters blog". Earth to moron, have you seen the latest Nike commercial where Kobe talks about how much people hate him? evidently there thousands, if not millions, of people that hate Kobe, otherwise Nike would not have use the "Kobe against the world theme" in their commercial.

And no, I don't spend my life hating Kobe, it actually only takes a few minutes to write this. But evidently, based on your comments, it would take you a "life time" write 2 paragraphs. Nice buddy. And by the way, there are several folks here that agree with my take on Kobe.

No go back to kissing Kobe's ass, kiss his ass enough and he just might let you give him a blowjob, once he's done raping trailer trash. HA HA HA. Too funny :-)

11:25 PM

Anonymous asorto1 said...

Hey, "anonymous" who thinks that it's a waste of time to have a Kobe Haters Blog, obviously we've really gotten to you, since you're spending your precious time posting crude comments on our blog.

11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are losers/Faggots

3:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a blog for Kobe haters. Kobe nutsuckers, the line to lick Kobe's balls is that way --------->

4:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a WEAK blog to say the least... you call yourselves Kobe haters?? I've seen better Kobe haters then you...

6:36 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

I'm sorry we've disappointed you with our hate for Kobe. We're haters with brains, however. We hate Kobe because of the malice that he brings to the Lakers and to game of basketball, not just because we think he's a jerk. Anyone can curse out Kobe. We believe that intelligent analysis of his game goes much further to prove our point than a bunch of expletives. But to each his own.

11:34 PM

Blogger waynee` said...

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1:51 PM


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