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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Has Kobe been reading this blog?

Kobe Bryant must have been reading this blog, because it seems like last night, he actually listened to what we've been telling him. Either that, or Phil Jackson implanted a shocking device on his body and zapped him every time he tried to take a shot with 3 guys on him.

Kobe only took 20 shots yesterday! This is a guy who has averaged 30 field goal attemps in the past 10 games (don't believe me, check the numbers yourselves). And look at that, with better shot selection, his shooting percentage went up as well - 11-for-20 = 55%!

Beyond that, the Lakers had 4 guys in double figures. Kwame Brown scored 21 points on 8-for-12 shooting + 12 reboungs, a season high! Amazing what happens when your teammates pass you the ball!

Of course, it was the defense that really won the game. Apparently Phil Jackson, rather than letting his team go home and rest after a flight from the East Coast last night, called them into the arena and had them watch videos of the Kings for 5 hours. It obviously worked. The Lakers kept all the Kings' leading scorers to fewer and more difficult shots, rebounded well, and outdid the Kings in steals - 13 to 4.

Kobe reverted to his old self towards the end of the fourth quarter, taking some improbable shots while surrounded by defenders, but the Lakers had a cushy enough lead that it didn't make a big difference.

Will this improved Kobe endure? Unlikely, I think. Kobe has a game like this once in a blue moon and then inevitably reverts to his old self. He's been doing this for 9 years, so unless he gets struck by lightning (or Phil Jackson starts using that shocking device or maybe some sort of Buddhist hypnosis), he's unlikely to change. Plus, we couldn't have the spotlight on Kwame (or anyone else) for too long, could we?

P.S.: To Kobe bandwaggon riders who rejoice when they don't see a posting immediately after a game that finishes at 1 AM on the East Coast, don't celebrate too fast. We, unlike some of you, have real lives and real jobs. This is somewhat of a minor hobby and we post when we have time. And don't worry, Kobe always gives us enough material to write about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious pics... Kwame was a monster last night! If Kobe was willing to giving up some shots and pass him the ball in the second half, he would have had over 30 easy. Kobe did not pass him the ball once! It was Lamar and Smush feeding him. Once you get him going on offense, his D becomes even better. He is quick as hell, and helps out on traps like no other big man. He may not be a shot blocker, but he is turning out to be a pretty good defender.

Kobe did not take as many shots last night, but he began to force it at the end. Bron' may say that Kobe is the best in the game currently, but I would take Bron' anyday over Kobe.

5:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you post this on you will get eaten aliven

6:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

** alive

pardon me I just had a a kings moment

6:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 in a row, baby!
lakers are rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

go lakers!!!!!

1:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this site: people devoting their time to someone they hate. Go get 'em losers.

7:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny thing about you people is that deep down, you love Kobe and it drives you crazy. Why else would you take the time to make this page.

7:16 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Yes, we made this blog because we have a love/hate relationship with Kobe. Just like people go out to protest things because they're in love with what they're protesting. Not! We made this page because we love the Lakers and we love sports, and we feel that there needs to be a forum for people who aren't so blindly in love with Kobe that they can't see his flaws. No, losers are people like you who are so enfatuated with Kobe that they can't conceieve that someone wouldn't want to kiss his feet.

10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, u guys are team players huh? U guys speak as if rackin up 10 assists a night is a team player. Doesnt rackin up 10 assists a night requires u to get the balls in ur bands too??

Jus becos takin 30 shots a night means u r a selfish player?? Oh yeah, look at the lakers record pls. They are winning becos kobe is playin.

Say all u like about how the lakers can win much more IF kobe shoots less. U wan to play the "IF" game?? I'll play wif u.

IF nash dun hav amare n marion, will he be as gd as he is?

IF u guys are so great, replace Phil Jackson as the coach, ok???

1:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kobe just plain sucks, and I will be so pissed if he gets mvp! Lebron deserves it, now Lebron is not MJ, but he is going to be the closest. MJ #1, LBJ #2. Kobe is just a poser, my friends and I laugh at his shooting percentage, and i think the league is padding his stats, somehow he is averaging 45% fg percentage! The league is so desperate to find the air apparent, and its sitting right in front of their fat faces, and his name is Lebron. Lebron is only 21 and he has five billion times more talent than kobe. Lebron and kobe practically have the same team and yet lebron, who is younger, is winning alot more than kobe. Kobe just shoots the ball whenever he touches it. Lebron however, shoots when is open, drives the basket because he is so fast and strong and is unselfish and wants his teammates involved. Plus there is something genuine about lebron that kobe doesnt have, kobe just seems so fake and pretends to be MJ. I seriously think there is something mentally wrong with kobe, sort of like the movie single white female

1:18 AM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Anonymous, I agree with you 100%. LeBron, in his 3 years in the league, has shown 10 times as much maturity and love of the game as Kobe has in his entire career. Not only does LeBron have the skills, but he also has the ability to make his teammates better and lift the whole Cavs franchise to a level of excellence. He is a leader at 21, which Kobe never was. Kobe spent the first 2 years of his career on the bench, while LeBron has been at the head of his team. All this was clearly manifested in today's playoff game against the Wizards. I am saying this, and I'm not even a Cavs fan. I am actually rooting for the Wizards because they're my team. But no one can deny LeBron's talent, his maturity and his leadership. And you're right, he is genuine, as opposed to Kobe who puts on a fake smile for the camera after each game. The Lakers beating the Suns in the playoffs? Not in Kobe's wildest dreams.

2:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's anonymous again, how about kobe, 22 points on 21 shots, making only 7 fgs. MMMMMM. Sounds like the greatest to me! Not! Jordan pissed on every team in the playoffs, even if it was the pistons that played incredibily good D, Jordan still put up very good numbers against them. And Today, Kobe shoots a bad percentage against a team that is well kown to not play Defense. And like i said last night, Lebron is 5 million times better than kobe. The lakers would be better off without him. And no, what analysts on espn and tnt say, the lakers don't have a bad roster, they just have a guy who is just plain bad. with all the misses he has could of been a shot for another person. Kobe does not how to lead, and his defense is overrated. When i watch jordan play, well when he was younger, he never stopped moving his feet when on D. Kobe plants his feet alot. Jordan is God and Lebron is Jesus of basketball.

6:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say this last thing, How can Kobe be considered the greatest? Where is the credentials? Three championships? Yeah, but who carried his sorry ass in the playoffs, and who won all three finals MVPs? Shaq. Kobe just plain sucks in the playoffs, he shoots an incredibily bad percentage. Need i remind kobe lovers what happened in the lakers pistons series? Kobe was so bad, he got 11 pts in one game and shot something like 8 for 26, and that was the trend for the whole series. Oh sorry, he had one good game, but it was all for not. Jordan once averaged 41 in a series!!!!! Jordan also played against another pistons team that played great defense like the current pistons. And back then you could get away with alot of stuff, nowadays you touch a guy and thats a foul automatically. There is something mentally wrong with laker fans who think kobe is better than jordan! i just don't get it.

6:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:42 AM


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