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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Now that Kobe has more time to watch TV . . .

Raja Bell played tonight despite the torn calf and ignited his team for a 20 point victory against the Mavs.

"That kid" is getting an awful lot of press these days. I wonder if Kobe is watching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

raja bell will be useless in games 5-6-7 once his calf stiffens up

12:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah-jah Bell is still alive? I guess those death threats weren't real after all. No need to worry.

12:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess this means that there are no "crazy" Kobe fans after all.

12:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok this is from the last post. poking fun at kobe is one thing. calling us stupid and blind as a bat and crazy people are another. i do read it cause i do agree with u. what u say is absoulutely true. im jsut stating some other things about him that might change your mind. again, i fully accept disrespecting kobe but to call us names and crap is something else

1:04 AM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

But that's what I was saying, we don't start any of these fights. If you read the posts, none of them call names or insult people. It's when people start insulting us, we fire back.

Trust me, I hate the insults and would must rather engage in intelligent debate about Kobe and basketball in general.

1:07 AM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

And I don't understand why people are so upset that I called the people who sent Raja threats "crazy." They are. You can't rationally believes that someone who e-mails an NBA player death threats has all their screws tightened. But, according to one person's logic, those people are only crazy if they actually act on those threats. Right...

1:09 AM

Anonymous asorto1 said...

yeah no kidding, anybody that makes death threats against anybody, whether they act on those threats, is beyond crazy. And it just shows you how crazy some Dobe fans are. It is a fact that some Dobe fans made death threats against Raja, so anybody that get offended b/c of the truth has issues.

And as far as being as blind as a bat, man, gotta call it like it is. If you somebody does not see the obvious, then yes, that person is a blind bat. And that's not an insult, I mean, think about this, if you tell someone that the Hawks suck, and you prove to them with facts why this is true, yet a Hawks fan keeps defending the team with non-fact based arguments, then that fan is as blind as bat. Now, if that person can't handle that, then it's his own fault. How that is an insult, you got me. The same goes for Dobe fans that can't handle this blog, yet keep coming back. For the 1000th time, this is a Kobe Haters blog, so if you're not ready to handle that, then you know what to do.

And yes, as Teamplayer correctly put it, if you're gonna dish it out, be ready to get it right back.

1:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

but not only did u call the people who sent the death threats crazy, you called everybody. even if we dont insult u, u always say u brown nosers or go back to kissing dobe's ass and crap. u did it too and it doesnt really matter who started it right. also, ur insulting the people who didnt insult u. thats what ticked me off.

2:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

asorto i agree with u that if something is a fact, its a fact. its a fact that atlanta sukks. nobody could back that up. but there is something to back up with kobe. seriously, what your saying isint true, a lot are, but not all. how can u believe that what you say is all right. i learn from other people and you should learn too. how can you say that he sukks, hes a ball hog and crap and be done. no, theres more to it. hes a great player, everybody on the team agrees. he made friends with shaq again. he got his image back. he wasnt booed in the all star game. he had a faboulous year and i dont see why you cant dissagree.

2:44 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

oh, I totally agree that Dobe is a talented player, the point of this blog is to highlight how such a talented player is putting his skills to waste by focusing on his individual accomplishments, as opposed to doing what's best for the Lakers.

Think about this, we don't have a blog about "Luke Walton Haters", why? b/c he's an average player at best. So, yes, when players attract negative press is b/c people expect alot more from those players. But one thing is that you mess up, another thing is that you act arrogant and proud of your selfishness, and often enough, that's Dobe's case.

Just to give you an example, during the middle of this past season, Dobe was asked if he felt bad that he takes so many shots, his response was "I don't care if I have to take 60 shots", then the reporter asked him "but what if you shoot 18 out of 60, wont you feel bad?", Dobe's response was "no, that just means that I give my teamates more opportunities to get more rebounds." If I were Dobe's teamates, I'd be ticked-off at that comment.

How can I not think that some of you follow Dobe blindly (hence the term "brownoser") if you have defended this guy blindly? but it's true, not all of you are brownosers. All I'm telling you is, don't just focus on Dobe's individual accomplishments,
Like I said before, I know this blogger who's a die-hard Wizards fan, but he constantly writes that Gilbert Arenas shoots way too much, and he wishes that they trade him. I don't agree with that guy at all, but I can respect the fact that he loves his team, despite the fact that they sucked for so long, yet has enough common sence to be able to go against a member of that team when he does something that's not in the best interest of the team.

And to the guy that wrote earlier that the Lakers have improved from the year they didn't make the playoffs, yes, you are 100% right, BUT, think of what the Lakers were before and what they are now, and think of why they are where they are. True, they made the playoffs, but in past years that would not be enough. Think about this, the Lakers, at least before, only hung NBA Championship banners at the Forum/Staple Center, other teams are happy with winning their division.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with the Lakers next year. I honestly thought that Dobe had finally turned the corner after playing teamball during the playoffs, despite the fact that it took him 10 years to learn that, and then he pulls that 2nd half stunt in game 7. Amazing!!

10:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a "Kobe Haters Blog" and I get it. I also agree with teamplayer and would like intelligent debate about Kobe and the NBA in general, but you guys let it get too personal. Teamplayer said that this blog was for made up to poke fun at Kobe, but you two let it get out of hand with the insults. This is your blog and should be above any insults regardless who starts it. I get the bagging, digging and smacking, but it is the moron, stupid, idiot, etc. comments that asorto1 retorts that get the feedback. Let's face it, we don't know each other personally and the one thing we have in common is that we are Lakers fans. I have been reading this blog for awhile I can pretty much read who is rational and who is the instigator. I am positive that I can have a rational discussion with teamplayer and we will agree here and disagree there and keep it cool. I am positive that it wouldn't be the same with asorto1. Anyways, this is probably my last post since it is my 1001st, but who's counting?

11:02 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

True, the blog should be free of insults, but as I said before, if people are gonna dish it out, then expect a response. And being called "blind" is not an insult. Now, it's a totatlly different if that individual person takes it as an insult.

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

asortos right, we will see what happens next year. even if he had a great season, his team was not succesful in closing out. making 3-1 was impressive, but lakers fell back to the old lakers. kobe should have at least lose with dignity and respect and honor. making the playoffs for the lakers are not acceptable because of what they were doing in the past years

6:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love kobe

1:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:48 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Captain Selfish is not a proud loser, he blamed game 7 on "the game plan" when he said "I was just following the game plan." And he also blamed it on his teamates. When the Lakers lose, he blames everyone else but hiimself.

9:05 AM

Anonymous Jerry said...

Just found your blog. Interesting...a blog devoted to hating one guy. Wow. As disgusted as I am as a basketball fan with the stunts of Zsa Zsa Bell, I don't think I'd be sitting at home micro-managing a weblog about him. Only time will tell. We'll see how Kobe's career pans out in ten years or so, and how Zsa Zsa does. Prediction: Zsa Zsa will be on at least two or three more teams before he calls it quits, Kobe will finish out with the LAL and win at least a couple more rings. Prediction: someone will punch Zsa Zsa's clock before the playoffs are over. Prediction: Kobe will make the NBA Hall of Fame; Zsa Zsa will occasionally visit the Hall of Fame.

4:09 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...


Actually, it only takes a few minutes to post an article on this blog, so contrary to you comments, we don't spend alot of time on it, but even if we did, evidently our goals works as even Kobe's Lovers read this blog. Heck, it even got you to post, and you seem to think that this is complicated time consuming stuff.

As far as Captain 1 on 5 being in the hall of fame, he may, or he may not be, it all depends if they count the rings that he got with Shaq, as he wont get any on his own. And given Dobe's track record outside of the basketball court, he must might make the Hall of SHAME instead!!!

We don't expect Raja to make the hall of fame, as he never pretended to be the next Jordan. So if he does make the hall of fame, that would be icing on the cake. Either way, Raja sure gave Dobe a taste of his own medicine (I assume you watched all the elbows that Dobe hit Raja with, before he got decked), which may not be as good as being in the hall of fame, but it sure comes close.

4:24 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

I don't know . . . even if you hate Raja Bell (which you have a right to do, just as I have the right to hate Kobe), there's not much you can gather up against him other than that clotheslining incident. Kobe, on the other hand, has given us 10 years worth of material to write about and keeps pulling stunts weekly if not daily to make this blog interesting. You don't even need to look for that info, you can't help but be aware of it as a basketball fan.

Interesting predictions. I sure hope you're a better forecaster than 'Sheed.

4:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

its funny how asorto and teamplayer could say such offending comments to fans, but its the right thing. man

6:47 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Like I was saying before, I'd love to have no insults on this blog, in fact they annoy the hell out of me. This is not the "Yo' Momma" blog. But obviously I can't control what other bloggers say here. And if you read through this blog, we've ignored a lot of childish insults thrown at us (hmmm lets see, "bitches," "poopheads," "morons," etc etc). But this is also not the Jesus blog and we're not always going to turn the other cheek. Like asorto1 said, if you dish it out, don't complain to get hit back.

7:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and today- mr. bell only had 3 points on 1-5 shooting. told ya he was gonna be useless

12:07 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

oh yeah, there's a "fair" statement, NOT!!!

Raja Bell had a torn calf muscle, and you're busting on his play? that's funny.

1 out of 5 with a torn calf muscle is sure better than being healthy and shooting 9 out of 33 like Dobe!!

How many points did Dobe have in tonight's game? wha? wha? exactly, ZERO!!!

12:15 AM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Exactly, and that's still better than Dobe who was perfectly healthy but quit in the second half of Game 7 against the Suns.

12:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raja Bell has a torn calf muscle and it is fun to bust on him. It wasn't a "fair" statement. It was a "true" statement. Anon said Bell wouldn't be factor because of his torn calf and he was right.

12:26 AM

Anonymous asorto1 said...

It's fun to bust on hurt players? wow, that's sad.

Speaking of true statements, it's also a true statement that Dobe went fishing about 2 weeks ago, and Raja got to go deeper into the playoffs. Again, how many points did Dobe have tonight? come now, you can answer that, can't you?

12:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I like busting on players I don't like wether they are hurt or not. There are plenty of hurt players that I do like such as Amare. He is hurt, but I like his game.

12:37 AM

Anonymous asorto1 said...

hmm, so you bust on Raja only scoring 3 points, yet you also know that he's hurt, hmm, so that means you must realize that he's nowhere near 100%, yet you bust on him? that's like being proud of winning a race against someone who's only running with one leg. Boy, I'm sure you would feel real good about that. And no matter if he had zero points, he took care of Dobe.

You still haven't answer my simple question, how many point did Dobe have tonight? come on now, you can say it, I know you can :-) HA HA HA

12:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one can have any points when there is no game to be played. I sure would like to see this one legged racer first. Injuries are part of the game. Either play hurt or don't play at all. It is up to the player. Simple as that. Once your sneakers are laced up it up to you wether or not you want to play.

12:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oooh, ooh, oooh, I know the answer Mr. Kotter. Kobe had the same number of points as Lebron James had tonight."

1:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

same as elton, sam i am, gilbert, michael redd, artest, timmy and others.

but of course if kobe wasnt 100percent they would still bust on him. know what i mean, they probably find some excuse to bust at him, they always do.

telling me kobe is a little baby. wow, did u look at raja, didnt he complain that he wasnt getting respect from magic and the tnt crew? how sad is that.

1:27 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Right, but this is a Kobe Haters blog, not a Lebron Haters blog. It's one thing to bust on a player, it's another thing to bust on a player that's hurt. Some of you don't seem to get the point of this, do you really get personal satisfaction when you compete against someone that's hurt? if you're a man, you shouldn't.

Actually, Raja Bell is getting plenty of respect these days, and it's all thanks to the fact that stood-up to Dobe. The "Black Mamba", on the other hand, is whole different story. So far, zero rings w/o his daddy Shaq

9:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man get off your high horse. Don't you think that Dennis Eckersly would had jumped off the mound and pumped his fist had he struck out Kirk Gibson, or had someone defended Willis Reed they would be high fiving? The satisfaction actually comes from the injured player competing in the first place.

10:21 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Yeah, you're right, it's a double standard, but that's the reality of life. I don't know about you, but if I'm gonna beat someone in sport, I want to beat him/them when that person is at his/her best. End of story, I can't imagine too many people taking pride in beating someone who is hurt.

10:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it happens. It is called life. No one has said that life is fair, but all is fair in love and war. It is called competition. Just play by the rules.

11:03 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Oh yeah, I agree, it's not fair at all. When Gibson hit that homerun against the A's he was the hero, but if Dennis had struck him out, the so called experts would say, "yes, but Gibson was hurt".

I'm sure Dennis would have been thrilled if he had struck-out Gibson, but that's b/c his team would have won the game, and Dennis would have saved his own skin, but I'm not sure if he would have felt personaly glory and satisfaction.

11:10 AM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

I agree, of course you're happy if you win, no matter what the circumstances. I'm sure the Pistons were really happy to beat Miami with a bruised ribs D-Wade last year.

But there's a small asterisk to that win, that comes up when the Pistons aren't doing so hot, like when they were down 3-1 against Miami before the last game. All these announcers started saying - maybe the Bad Boys are not as strong as they seem, they did win the conference title with one of the two Miami stars hurt.

12:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop treating raja like he is god, he can actually do more damage to his calf by playing on it

3:06 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

you're right, Raja shouldn't be playing hurt, but you sure gotta give him credit for trying. And no, we don't think he's a God at all, but he sure made a name for himself.

3:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear asort1,
your a fucken stupidass and a fat homosexual. Do you even relaize how good Kobe is and how much he changed. I wanna see yur bitchass play one-on one against Kobe Bryant. Get a life and stop hating one of the best players of the world. Jackass...

3:21 PM

Anonymous ashley said...

So I'm not gettin this. Your hattin on Kobe cause you cant be like him. Doesnt make since. Then you compare him to King James one of the biggest ball hoggs in the NBA. And call Kobe a ball hog. Umm are you really listining to yourself. So get a life i mean for real who does this. It just shows that you have no life. your a fat ass and cant do anything. Thanks
If you would like to e-mail me to continue this please do.

12:06 PM


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