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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

24 Dobe

According to various sources Dobe has decided to switch his jersey number from #8 to #24. Thanks to anonymous for the tip last night.

What is this but a publicity stunt to get more attention? Perhaps Kobe is upset that Dwayne Wade's, A.I.'s and LeBron's jerseys sell better than his. Rather than changing your jersey #, how about changing your game? That might get you more popularity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm watching the suns lakers game 2 and already kobe is acting like such a douche bag. He knocked raja bell to the floor, and almost got into a fight with steve nash. Nash should just let kobe know that he is going to sweep his shitty team. Thanks, i was the one that you told you about his jersey changing to 24. Why the hell would he do that? The man seeks attention. I wish someone who break his legs. The guy is such an ego maniac.

11:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the nike campaign with lebron james, we are all witnesses, so true. Why doesn't nike do an ad campaign like that for kobe? B/c no one likes him, and Lebron is way better. Friday, lebron is going to shine again, we are all witnesses! I'm from chicago and I'm not afraid of him nearing mj's legacy, rather lebron than kobe. Besides kobe is just a cheap imitation of mj. I'm also relieved to find out that Nash is MVP! I was hoping for Lebron, but I'm just glad kobe didn't get it. Besides winning three championships for being shaqs teammate, kobe has only won a all-star mvp and a scoring title (i think the scoring title should also include fg% which would then eliminate kobe) in tens years of play!!!! I've you haven't won it by now, you are not going to be winning! kobe you stupid looking doberman!

11:23 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Anonymous, good point. If percentages were counted, Kobe (b.k.a Dobe) would be at the bottom of the pile. AND, if taking stupid shots (i.e. taking shots when you're doubled and trippled teamed) counted against you, Dobe would be benched.

Even my grandma could average 35 points if she got to shoot 40 times.

Dobe is getting #24 b/c he wants to be 1 better than Michael Jordan. And, to sell more jerseys. No matter, he will never win a championship without getting another mega star to help him out.

12:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its anonymous again, I am just going nuts!!!!! Why is kobe in the same breath as jordan. People seem to forgot how jordan play and what he did. They look at kobe and automatically say he plays like jordan, which is truly wrong. Jordan shot an incredible percentage for a sg for his career, 50%, and in an era where there was defense. When ever kobe gets fouled hard he almost never completes the play for a three point play, jordan and lebron do it so often. Jordan jumped so high on his jump shots, so high in fact i remember him deciding in mid air what he wanted to do since he got his defender in the air, and either passed or shot it with 100% more percision than kobe. Jordan played defense, def. player of the year one year and is the only guard to get 200 blocks in a season. Kobes defense is overrated, he only averages like 1.80, with is only average not great. How about his pts per game for his career, jordan has 30, kobe is like 23 something, he's going to have to score alot of points to catch up. Lets not forget the championships, jordan still has three more without a dominant center and another superstar, pippen was overrated in his role, he did help, but when the team was lagging jordan's the one that always stepped up. Kobe is overrated in the clutch, in fact he is the lowest fg% when in the final two minutes. Jordan also had the quickest first step if ever seen, have you seen kobe drive past anyone? Nope, he just takes stupid jump shots and pump fakes too many times. AFter ten years of play kobe has only scored 16,000 pts, while jordan in his 12 or 13th season as a bull had 29,000, 13,000 difference for two years difference.

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see how kobe was talking after the game? SO FAKE!!!!!! How can anybody fall for that?!?!?! Gee this kobe knows what he is talking about. Not. He acts like he knows how to play the game. It's like he played a different game from what he is refering to in an interview. Lamar odom is the reason why the lakers won last night. I wish someone would just please shut that man up. Hopefully artest will smack him in the jaw one of these days.

3:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1-1 now. your prediction of suns in 4 was dead wrong.

10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Preview of Game 2. Kobe makes 30+ shots. Lakers lose again.

your prediction. wrong again. kobe under 30 shots. 24 shots. lakers won

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did you not write in this blog when lakers went on a tear the last part of the season? winning 10 out of 13?

10:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is this other anonymous? Laker fan. Cuz the rest of the country think that sports fans from LA don't know sh*t! Case in point when they say kobe is the greatest when he hasn't even touched jordan's greatness.

10:58 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Sure, my prediction was wrong, but so are a lot of other predictions, even when they're made by so-called basketball experts.

The Lakers played better basketball in this game that they've played the whole season. And that was because they played as a team, played great D, Lamar hit 9 of 12 shots, Kwame stepped up and Sasha Vujacic hit 3 three-pointers off the bench.

The fact that Kobe actually played a decent game, a more controlled game with less stupid shots and a lot more D, means nothing. This is how he should have been playing the whole season. He has one game when he plays like more like a team mate, rather than 1 on 5 and the world gives him props. It's like a guy who yells at his wife 6 days of the week but on the 7th day brings her flowers and showers her with gifts. Does it make him a great husband? No. Does this game prove that Kobe is a complete player? No.

The reason I didn't write anything on this blog for a while is that I had a very busy month and didn't have time to watch most of the games nor post on this blog. Plus, I don't like to give my opinions on games that I have not seen. This has nothing to do with the fact that the Lakers won a bunch of games. As you notice, this blog is not to criticize the Lakers, just Kobe. Furthermore, as you can see from previous postings, I'll post whether the Lakers won or lost a game.

9:27 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

You tell them Teamplayer. Whenever the Lakers win it's because they stop playing KOBE-BALL (that is 1 on 5). This is precisely why the Lakers beat the Suns in game 2, and this is why they won those 10 out of 13 games.

The thing that gets me is that Kobe is being spoken as if he suddenly saw the light in Game 2 of the Phoenix game.

So what happened for the 8 years of Kobe's NBA career when he would jack-up shots from 4 feet past the 3 point line with 2 or 3 defenders in his face? talk about stupid shots. AND he has done this over, and over, and over again. His did it when Shaq was with him, and he had done it when Shaq left.

Not only is Kobe nowhere near Jordan, Kobe is a dumb as hell. The idea of taking shots is to take the shots that will get you the 2, or 3, points, NOT the shot that will make ESPN's SportsCenter b/c of the degree of difficulty or b/c you make the shots with 3 defenders on you. And that's exactly what Kobe likes to do.

Everytime the Lakers win is proof that Kobe SUCKS. Meaning that they can only win when they play team-ball, as opposed to Kobe-Ball. So Kobe's theory of 1 on 5 is proven wrong everytime they win as a team.

10:16 AM


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