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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shaq Wins 4th Ring. Kobe Wracking his Brain on the Couch?

The Miami Heat played their hearts out tonight to conquer the NBA Championship in an unexpected 6 games. Whether you like the Heat or not, you have to admit that this one was well deserved and inspiring.

The Heat have been criticized since the inception of the playoffs. People called them a paper tiger when they lost 2 games at home to the Bulls in the first round. They expected them to face adversity against Jersey. Everyone in the media declared the Pistons champions even before the Eastern Conference finals started. And, none of ESPN's "experts" really believed that the Heat could win a game in Dallas, definitely not game 6 at least.

Well, Pat Riley's team overcame all that adversity to hand him a 5th championship. I'm happy for Shaq because he delivered on his promise. I'm happy for Wade because all his hard work paid off and he has not only proven himself as of the league's best guards, but also as a leader and unifying force. I'm happy for 'Zo Mourning and Gary Payton b/c they got championship rings they truly deserved. And I'm happy for Riles b/c I thought he did an excellent coaching job.

I think the most touching thing about the win was the comradery between Shaq and Wade. I truly respect Wade for him humility, his being able to hand the spotlight to Shaq while still shining as a star on his own. And you could see the two guys being truly happy for each other, Shaq aiding Wade in a jumpstart to his career and Wade aiding Shaq to add another notch in his.

I'm not even going to bash Kobe that much in this post (however tempting it is) because it has all been said before. One thing I hope is that, while he's sitting on his couch and watching the celebration, he thinks about what he could have done differently in the past or could do differently in the future. Maybe he could call Wade and ask if he can borrow some humility.


Blogger EA said...

Lol, crazy fool, damn rich folk!!

1:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i told u shaq said it was both of their fault that they had a bad relationship. both of them. shaq said he couldnt embrace kobe when they were together. he said he didnt want to do it again with wade. i understand that. congradulations heats they are the champs. i simply cant say anything about shaq cause he won. he got his 4th title without the lakers. respect is something i give and the heats earned it by winning the title.

1:50 AM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Actually, Shaq never said that. One of the announcers on the ESPN did. Plus, Kobe is not a 5-year-old that "needs embracing." The Wade-Shaq relationship is a 2-way street, they respect each and have the common goal of winning, that's all that matters. Also curious how no one else has been able to "embrace" Kobe.

1:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think an announcer would just put words into somebody's mouth. shaq did say those words or else greg anthony wouldnt be saying it. of course he gets no embracement.

im pretty shocked about shaqs reaction. he didnt rub it in the lakers face or into kobe.

2:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It only proves that Shaq indeed needed an all-star guard to help him win a title. Just like Kobe before, Wade needs an all-star center to win a title. Here is how I see it-Kobe and Shaq were like brothers who loved each other, get into spats, then hug and forget, but then the spats become backstabs and the brothers don't talk to each other for years. Wade and Shaq are like son to father in which the son looks up to the father with respect and the son prospers. I believe these analogies are due to the age differences between all three people and in the stages in their NBA career. Just pretend that Wade was drafted by the Twolves and that some disagreement between Wade and KG developed in their relationship it would be like brothers and then KG two years later was teamed up with some rookie or a 3 year player and Wham! they become best of friends because of the older and wiser KG and win a title.

2:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grats to the Miami Heat! I'm happy for Shaq for winning his 4th title and even happier for Payton and Mourning who can finally retire in peace since they got the ring they wanted.

grats to Wade for his 1st ring and his 1st finals mvp award. grats to walker, haslem, jason williams and all those other guys who got their 1st ring!

3:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"im pretty shocked about shaqs reaction. he didnt rub it in the lakers face or into kobe."

Cuz Shaq's not that kind of person. Now if it were the other way around i'd expect Kobe to rub it in Shaq's face cuz he's such an arrogant bastard.

3:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuz Shaq's not that kind of person. Now if it were the other way around i'd expect Kobe to rub it in Shaq's face cuz he's such an arrogant bastard.

no way man. kobe really learned from the 2 years away from shaq. he never took any shots at shaq. he tried to reason things with shaq. i think both finally buried the hatchet.

3:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaq was just on the podium on NBA TV, post game conference..Some writer tries to bait him with a Kobe and Wade comparison, and Shaq takes the high road, compliments both players, calling both fabulous, but Wade is the champion right now. Makes the sting of Shaq winning less painful, knowing he could have taken his shot but didn't.

damn shaq changed

4:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh...Shaq helped in the inside, but the Mavs did a good job with Diop and Dampier holding him up for the double teams. Personally, I was more impressed with Zo, and his always aggressive and menacing style of play, even at his age. You guys keep putting all of the wins on Shaq, when we all know who really beat the mavs. It was the MVP, D Wade, taking it to the Mavs throats. He was the difference maker. Im not even a wade fan yet, but I might be changing some alliances if he keeps this up. Even Shaq is calling him the BEST PLAYER EVER. Over Jordan? Over Magic? You know what? Just shut up, and enjoy greatness rising. Kind of like a really good silent fart in a crowded subway.

4:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is over. Let's see if Miami can defend their title and win three in a row and 10 more to catch up to the Lakers.

9:46 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

No one is saying that the Heat, as a franchise, are as accomplished as the Lakers. Specially since the Lakers have been around decades longer than the Heat. So that's not a fair comparison. The point is that the Lakers could have won more rings under the Shaq & Dobe duo, and Shaq just proved it by winning a ring with DWade. Regardless of whether the Heat wins another ring, Shaq has made shown Buss, Kupchack, Dobe etc etc that he had plenty of gas in the tank to win another ring while Dobe led the Lakers to the lottery and a 1st round exit. You can't argue with that. And honestly, I don't see the Lakers winning a ring for at least 3 more years, unless they get some megastar to rescue Dobe (Dobe, Buss and Kupchuck have so much egg on their face that they could make enough omelettes to stock all the I-hops in the U.S, the sad thing is that it didn't have to be that way.)

Congratulations to the Heat, they deserved it.

10:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen dude. I agree with you that Shaq showed he could still win. The theory is that Shaq didn't want to lose the weight and get in shape and get along with Kobe, but Shaq didn't just diss Kobe, he dissed the the team and the organization. The reality is that once he went to Miami he wanted to get in shape and get along with Wade and Zo and the rest of the team and the organization. All the Lakers fans ever wanted was that same respect to the game from Shaq. Of course the Lakers would've won more championships with Kobe and Shaq, but it was mind over matter. What I don't like is that everyone blames Kobe when everyone had a fault in this Laker mess. What I hate most is that everyone latches on to the catch phrase that "Kobe is selfish". What exactly does that mean? Is it that he doesn't share the ball on the court or that he doesn't share his lunch off the court. To me, I've seen Kobe give Shaq the ball for a highlight dunk, give the ball to Dfish for a clutch shot, pass to the open man in the triangle offence. Just like Dwyane passing to Shaq or Haslem or Posey for three, Dwyane Wade doesn't hesitate to take over the game and nobody calls him selfish. I don't believe that Kobe is selfish. If a teammate gets a pass from Kobe, all I expect is for that teammate to make the shot. It is up to the Lakers organization to go get PLAYERS that can make the shot.

11:34 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

And I've seen Kwame dunk the ball, does that mean that he's Shaq, or Patrick Ewing? NO. So just b/c you've seen Dobe pass the ball does not mean he's not a selfish ballhog. Not only is he a ballhog but he takes the dumbest shots (e.g. being doubled and tippled teamed, 30 footers when you only need 1 point to win and you still have time to drive or get closer, etc etc). We could argue forever here.

It was the Lakers who actually dissed Shaq by not offering a long term contract, he actually took a paycut from the Magic to go play in LA, so don't give me that.

After the Heat did what they did yesterday, there's no argument against what this blog has been saying.

1:06 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

and by the way, the Lakers did have "PLAYERS that can make the shots", they're now in Miami, Golden State. Dobe made his bed, now he has to sleep on it.

Congrats to the Heat!!!!

1:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget it. Blogging with you is useless because you just don't get it and never will appearantly.

1:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true. Yesterday did prove this blog right. Wade leads the Heat in assist. So he is a totally unselfish player. The Heat play as a team as opposed to one on five. Basketball is really simple. No single player can win a pro game by themselves. The team that plays as close to a cohesive unit as possible wins 99 percent of the time. Kobe's brand of basketball is undoubtedly very stylish, but it's incapable of penetrating the playoffs or winning rings.

2:51 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Exactly. I couldn't have put it better myself.

3:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean like the unit that won the 3 peat with Kobe on the team?

3:53 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Yeah, the very same unit that had Shaq and Phil in it to carry Dobe. But no, the above-posting from "anonymous" is referring to the "unit" that Dobe led into the lottery and a 1st round exit (oh wait, you can't even say that he led them b/c he quit on them on during the second half of game 7).

Everyone had crowned the Mavs, but at the end, the Heat did it. Shaq can now retire :-)

4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha Shaq retire? Now?

4:06 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

I think Shaq can play at least 2 more years. But, if he wanted to, he could retire now having proven himself to everyone.

5:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kinda bad that u think that he takes 30 footers? tell me that last game he did that.

yeah and kobe did pass... shaq took more fga back then when he was a laker.

8:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some comments by Phil:

- the game is getting soft, unphysical, and is all about style and flash

- that the timeout incident was bad

- Stackhouse getting suspended was bad and Wade got free calls

- the Refs favored Riles and Wade a lot, very generous with Wade

- Wade free reign to do anything...

- Pat's influence on the refereeing was critical, in that wade got calls that dirk couldn't get in the identical situation.

- Very clear on Kobe being the best. Said Wade doesn't come close to jordan. Said Kobe worthy of comparison.

- Dan Patrick rated players: 1) Kobe 2)LeBron 3) Wade, does Phil agree?

Yes - Kobe, LeBron, Wade

-How do you take advantage of preferential treatment?

Riles did it the right way, gave Wade the middle of the floor allows refs to see fouls

-What about Shaq's quote on Riles?

Shaq always says the best is who he is with at that moment. Complimented Riles,
doesn't hurt him at all. Said that he couldn't get Shaq to play screen rolls, Riles did

-Why was Riles able to get it out of him?

Phil got that ability out of him in a different way. They didn't need him to score

-Did the Lakers make the right decision on Shaq?

Yes Teams never get enough back for a dominant center

-Do the refs affect who you pick?

Needs to decide on potential or now at 26th. 3 point line is a very important part of the game, maybe not a better game, but its different

-How would MJ do now?

PJ would just spread the court and let him drive. MJ couldn't get a call against Utah in the finals. How many throws would he get today? Subs don't get calls, you hope your top two players do

-Can an owner affect a game?

Mark put himself on the backside of the game. He should have kept a lower profile. Refs couldn't help but be affected

-Could you coach for an owner like that?

Depends on if he can be told to shut up and sit down. He wants the space to make decisions. Mark has been a very affective owner.

-Was AJ out coached?

Unfortunately there were many things that looked questionable in the finals. Did a great job in earlier rounds. Players were able to front Dirk without foul calls. Wade was able to run through screens without a foul call . All the ref rules were out the door by the time the series was over (Riley influence).

DAN PACTRick show. so u think wade and lebron is better huh. well i think the zen master would dissagree.

8:52 PM

Blogger Riss said...

I don't think anyone doubts Kobe's skill as a basketball player. But he has an individual mentality in a team sport.

9:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^ then phil wouldnt say that.

10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every basketball player at one time or another has an individual mentallity on the court.

10:20 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

First of all, why would Phil Jackson say anything bad about Kobe right now? He has to coach the guy. And we all know how well Kobe responds to criticism. Phil didn't criticize Kobe publicly when he coached the Lakers the first time around. And we've all either read or seen quotes from his book.

Second, it's unfair to compare Kobe and Wade at this point. Kobe is 4 years older and has 7 more years of experience. I think Wade is not playing at his full potential yet, he has room to grow. As far as talent, I would agree that Kobe shows more talent than Wade at this point in time. He also has a height advantage over Wade. But Wade has shown that he's a more mature player, that he's a better leader and a better teammate, and it's those things, in addition to talent, that allow you to win championships.

11:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean like Kobe in the 3 peat era?

11:31 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Give me a freaking break, Phil Jackson is not going to say anything terribly bad about Dobe while he's still coaching the Lakers. Jackson did the same thing before. He thrashed Dobe once he was no longer coaching the Lakers. Of course he's gonna say good thins about Dobe, he's gotta work with him. And nobody said that Dobe does not have skills, he just doesn't understand that it's not about him. It's that simple. Dobe has the skills to win, but his gigantic ego gets in his way.

Last time I checked it wasn't about individual accomplishments. Yes, Dobe is a very gifted athlete, but how many rings does he have w/o Shaq? ZERO.

Lets assume for a second that Dobe is a thousand times better than DWade (whom by the way in only 24), then what does that say about the Lakers being a lottery team and being bounced out of the playoffs in the 1st round Vs. The Heat being in the Eastern Finals and winning it all this year? if Dobe is soooooo good then it should be the other way around, but it's not. Why? b/c Dobe Ball does NOT work.

The reality is that Dwade becomes a better player by sharing the rock, and not playing 1 on 5.

Captain 1 on 5 will have next year to lead the league in scoring, and that's all you're gonna get from him.. Dwade, Shaq, and the rest of the Heat supporting cast won championship by being a team. End of story, you can not argue with that.

11:35 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Yeah, Kobe in the 3-peat era when Shaq carried him.

11:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So then you agree. Good.

12:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let's see. The Lakers with GP, Malone, Shaq and Phil didn't win anything. And no, getting to the finals isn't good enough. GP, Malone and Shaq proved that by not even acknowledging that they were WCF champions after beating the Twolves. That upset me so much, that these bozos thought so much of themselves that they didn't even bother to touch the WCF trophy saying that they didn't win anything yet. That was a disgrace to the NBA, the fans, especially Lakers fans, and to themselvse too. They essentially thought they were better than anyone else and shouldn't be bothered until they were given the Larry O'Brien trophy. Kobe Bryant was not that foolish. He accepted the fact the Lakers were WCF champs and went focused into the finals.

10:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait so r u saying that phil is lying, or kobe is better than lebron and wade??

3:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

camon u think phil is just saying that...

after phil went back to the lakers, the first that happened was that kobe wanted to invite him to a room just with them two to discuss what happened and what will happen. during the season many things happened between these two. they became really close.

if shaq really wanted the team his way then wouldnt u think he would go to a team where he would lead it, not wade? it doesnt matter cause hes the champ and he always gets it his way and grats to him. i really thought he was ganna rub it in the lakers face proving them wrong but man he really matured into a shaq we never knew. DID U KNOW THAT WHEN SHAQ WAS IN L.A FOR THE SUPERMAN PREMIRE HE said something like "I LOVE THE THREE RINGS I HAD WITH THE GREAT KOBE BRYANT AND THE UNBELIEVABLE DWYANE WADE"

phil, the guy that made pippen one of the best rebounders, the best defender and jordan the great one, would lie like that? hes phil jackson, he tells the truth.

if phil was so sick of kobe, wouldnt u think he would have gone somewhere else?? he could have gotten so much more then 10 mil, for example teams that are loaded with money liek the bobcats. fact is, these guys are together again and friends so the book is a waste, forgotten now.

3:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

opps i forgot, heres the link

lol, the great kobe bryant.

4:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. Shmuq said, "The Great Kobe Bryant" vs. "the unbelievable shwyane". Even Shmuq couldn't believe his own eyes and thought he would've been named the MVP before the finals started.

4:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kobe went focused to the finals in 2004 !?!? dude i just falled out of my chair laughing..... kobe bryant in the 2004 was mr ballhog AT HIS BEST.

shaq was the only one who played well in that finals.

shaq owned the 4 times DPOY ben wallace and kobe got shut down by 24 years old kid tayshaun prince.

2004 was the year in which kobe could prove he could be "the man" in teinsletown..and he wasnt up to the challenge.

10:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaq got out rebounded by BWallace. No Lakers other than game 5 scored in double figures except Shaq and Kobe. GP didn't do anything. Malone was injured but still was rebounding and not scoring. My point is that after beating the Twolves, they disrespected the WCF trophy and it was disgraceful. Teams play hard to represent their conference in the finals and they didn't care. All they cared about was "give me the big trophy because we deserve it." Well it didn't turn out that way. The Pistons took it away from the Lakers for thinking that way.

10:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

shaq got lucky. all four rings of his. nothing but luck. that turd!

12:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:37 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

you forgot to add the following:

Captain 1 on 5 w/o Shaq = Leading the Lakers to the lottery

12:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets see how many teams lead them to the lottery. uhhhh how about 30

2:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive been thinkin a bit since you guys r diehard laker fans. in the beggining, you were arguing that he shoots way to much and that they wont make it to the playoffs. that was ur thought. then they do and u say the lakers will get owned by the suns. but then again u were beggin for kobe to change his style of basketball cause dobe ball wasnt working. so they do and they at a point took a 3-1 lead. so y arent happy about that. then u come out of ur hiding after they lose and again blame him for quitting. what, with this team makin the playoffs isint good enough? when they do he changes his play and passes and u blame him for that. no wait, u said that phil finally got into him and after a long time kobe finally listens... just gets to show you how much u will never learn when he does change into a better player.

3:37 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Don't hurt yourself thinking. It's pretty simple, the Lakers have become a mediocre team b/c of Dobe's style of b-ball, and his endless thirst to be "Da Man" regarless of whether he shoots himself in the foot. We have documented our argument with facts and opinions from various sources, and of course, the Heat's ring is icing on the cake. I suppose that if you follow Dobe blindly, then no matter how many rings Shaq wins, and how many times Dobe quits on his team, or fails to make the playoffs, you will still find a way to defend him. But that's all on you. Enough said

4:44 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...


As far as Dobe "changing into a better player", he has been doing the opposite for 10 years of his career, so 3 games of passing, specially when he quit on the Lakers, does not change a thing. It's not about ONLY passing, it's about knowing when to shoot, when to pass, or when to take over/taking high percentage shots (not 1 on 3,etc).

As long as Dobe does not win a ring, Shaq will always have that over Dobe. Who knows, maybe the Lakers will get Dobe another superstar to save his ass, just like Shaq did.

4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think that shaq would call kobe a great player for losing... hello, shaq is on my side and shaq knows more about him than u. so does phil, facts are facts both said he was a great player. enough said.

7:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lakers are mediocre because they don't play any defence. The lakers make too many mental mistakes. During these Finals the Mavs played like the Lakers played the entire season. The Mavs had a thirteen point lead with 6 minutes left and all of a sudden stopped playing aggressive and no defence. That was the turning point. From there the end of game 3 and games 4, 5 and 6 were typical Lakers game this season. Who would've believe that the Mavs would lose 4 games in a row when they only had a 3 game losing streak only once the entire season. For the Lakers to get better, they need defenders with smarts. For instance, use a foul to give.

9:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

again shaq wouldnt be calling him great for no reason. he was obviously seeing how good they changed. he was watching thr playoffs unlike u. u should see his stats

9:13 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

wow, you think Dobe is great b/c Shaq called him so? that's funny. That does not even deserve a response.

11:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah.Kobe is great just because he is.

12:52 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

"Kobe's great just beacuse he is" There's another great answer, NOT!!!

It's amazing how Dobe fans are still talking after the Heat won the NBA Championship. Amazing.

1:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok so kobe is good because shaq called him so. shaq played with him dumass. so what, kobe is selfish and arrogant cause u said so? that doesnt even deserve a response.

1:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! the Miami cHeats have only one while the LA Lakers have 9. Now, who cares if Kobe is arrogant. What? was he arrogant to you? Did his diss you when you wanted his autograph? There are plenty of NBA stars who are arrogant on the court- AI, Steve Francis, Kenyon Martin, Mike Bibby, etc. and nobody hates them. Why? Is it because Kobe was accused of rape of a white girl? Just look at the white Duke Lacrosse team, they are accused of rape of a black girl and once the media has some facts of the case they all say there is no evidence and the case should/must be dropped. Yet with Kobe the is no evidence of a rape (consential sex-yes, but no force of rape.)and the media says "let's see what comes out at the trial." The charges were dropped and yet Kobe is called a rapist. Everything being the same except if it had been a black girl would everyone hate him? I believe not. The media as well as everyone else would be saying "It's a he said, she said and we will see what comes out of it." All you haters say Kobe is selfish. So what. Did Kobe not share with you? There are other NBA players that are selfish-Stephon Marbury comes to mind and no one hates him. The haters don't like that he grew up a rich kid played in Italy, did't go to college, was drafted by the Lakers and became a champion three/four years into the league? What if Kobe didn't get traded to the Lakers and instead stayed to play with the Hornets and he was the great player he is and never won a title would everyone like/love him as an NBA player then?

1:58 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

wow, are you slow dude?

I could care less about getting Dobe's autograph, I wouldn't take it if he payed me. The reason why alot of people think he's arrogant is b/c of his comments, but more importantly b/c how he plays on the court. Dobe is not the only arrogant player in the NBA, nor will he be the last, but he's the one that has caused the Lakers their mediocre status. If you actually took the time to read the blog, you see that the blog was written by Lakers fans that are sick of seeing Dobe drive the team to the ground. So before you open your yap, read and grow up. this had nothing to do with race, you freaking insecure child

2:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now it is about his comments? Who cares? Really, it matters what he has to say? About what? Is it about what he had to say about Shmuq to the police in Colorado? Get over it. What ever he had to say was between him and Shmuq. He didn't say anything about you and yet you hate him personally. The team is mediocre because of Mitch and Jerry Buss' refusal to go over the cap and luxury taxes. My comments about race were a generalization of society and why others around the country hate Kobe Bryant too besides yourself.

2:31 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Are you kidding dude? I can't stand Dobe b/c his actions affect the Lakers (i.e playing 1 on 5 etc etc). End of story. We could write an entire blog about Dobe's infidelity, but that's just too easy, so we try to focus on his sorry ass play

I do think that in vintage Dobe fashion he tried to stab Shaq in the back infront of the cops, but that's just icing on the cake. There are plenty of other reasons to bust on Dobe, and as you say, we sure don't stand alone in this blog.

You are very naive in thinking that Dobe has nothing to do with the Lakers current mediocre status. True, Buss and Kupchuck have something to do as well, but Dobe is a huge part of their downfall. We've given you plenty of proof here, and the only reason why we harp on Shaq is to show you DobeBrownosers that Dobe/Lakers made a huge mistake. Get back to me when Dobe wins a ring w/o having to get megastar to carry his ass.

3:28 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

and if you actually read my entire posting you would note that I said "more importantly b/c of he plays on the court." Although, it's hard to ignore his dumb-ass comments like the time he told a reporter that if he goes 9 out 33 it's a good thing for his teamates b/c that gives him a chance to get more rebounds.

The reality is that the Heat proved this blog 100% correct, and some of you just can't handle that. Enough said, you have grown tiresome!!

3:33 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

*b/c that gives THEM a chance to get more rebounds.

3:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course the heats win. they had a good bench with dwayne wade leading. they had shaq who called him a smart great player. of course it doesnt really matter if shaq says it because these guys only knew each other for 8 years.
the heats deserved it for winning. no lies. i wanted big d to win, but maimi won and they are champs.

of course all haters would say he playes selfish and playing 1 on 5 ball. bad thing unless it higher you stats? yeah sure ok, u say he ruined his team. the organization is lead by buss not him. buss mitch then superstars. have u ever realized the last time kobe took a shot at him was at the beggining of the year. did shaq say he left cause he got tired of him? lakers needed cap room and therefore couldnt give him the money he wanted. he wanted to go with the young guy and he kept kobe. end of story.

he plays 1 on 5 ball, but its working cause he won many more games this year.

again, you couldnt stand it because he shoots way too much. so he changes it during the playoffs. he won 3 games when you thought they would get swept. so now what, getting to the secound round is not good enough for u?

6:39 AM

Blogger asorto1 said...

Once again, the point of talking about the Heat is to prove that the Lakers made a mistake, and it proved your arguments against Shaq 100% wrong, and it shows how wrong the entire Laker organization, including Dobe, were about the value of Shaq.

Dobe re-signed with the Lakers TWO DAYS after Shaq left LA, and 1 month after Phil Jackson was let go. Man, if you can't connect the dots then...

Think about this, Lakers had offered Dobe the maximum (i.e. what he signed for at the end) they could give him, why did he wait to accept that offer 2 days after Shaq left? it wasn't like they offered him an extra $50 million between the day that Shaq left and the following day. Man, if you still don't get it, then that's all on you my man.

In addition, before he signed, he told Kupchuck that he would play for Mike Krzyzewski or Rudy T. Coach K turn the Lakers down, so they went with Rudy T. The question to the Lakers management is, who runs the show? Dobe or the management team. Obviously, they wanted to do whatever it took to please Captain 1 on 5. Now they have to live with that. Dobe is such a prick that he manipulated the Lakers

True, we predicted that the Lakers would go down in 4, but that's b/c nobody could have predicted that they would finally convince Dobe to stop playing 1 on 5. The fact that they were able to take the Suns to 7 games by playing TEAMBALL (as opposed to Dobe Ball) proves us 100% correct as all along we were saying that the key to the Lakers winning is playing teamball and that they will not go far playing Dobe ball. The Lakers were on their way to beating the Suns, but of course Captain 1 on 5 quit on them in the 2nd half of game 7 to make a point.

Dobe wanted to be the man, he has had 2 years to be exactly that. And all he had dones is go the lottery and a 1st round exit. and remember, he's soon to be 28. It would be interesting to see how many rings the Lakers can winning w/o getting a superstar to rescue Dobe. The thing is that if they get a superstar then Dobe wont be the man anymore, or at least he's gonna have to share the spotlight.

For now, Dobe is wasting his prime just because he wanted to be Da Man. On the other hand, Shaq got another ring.

11:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

shaq did get a ring. grats to him but look, sure kobe manipulated into getting all the money, but what do u think shaq was doing, the same thing. both were wanting a contract. whoever stays is the bad guy.

12:55 PM

Blogger asorto1 said...

man, re-read my posting. The point is that Dobe made the release of Shaq & Phil a condition for his signing. That's why he signed 2 days after Shaq left. Every athlete will try to get the most money possible, can't blame anybody for that. And yet, Shaq actually took a paycut to go play for the Lakers. You can't say the same thing for Dobe. He broke-up the Lakers and he got a gigantic contract out of it.

12:58 PM

Blogger Riss said...

Actually, Phil has criticized Kobe just not publicly. He's not stupid.

Team/Asorto: I tossed up a link to your blog in one of my posts :)

(And yes, an announcer and a reporter WOULD just put words into someone's mouth. I've been misquoted in the press many times.)

1:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be, "wracking his brain" and not "wrecking his brain" ??

Either way, Kobe is a horrible human being, who preys on teenage girls.

1:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:31 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Hmmm . . . you're right, wrecking is wrong . . . but is it wracking or racking? At least I'm not the only one confused on how to spell this.

Anon, thanks for the link. I like this article b/c he guy tries to be neutral, but still comes out to the same conclusion that we've been putting forth here. I'll put the article on the front page links.

Btw, is anyone having trouble seeing the sidebar when they look at this blog through Internet Explorer? It seems fine using Firefox.

6:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets get to the main point. the main reason. cause he shoots 1 on5. cause he is a bad player. by the way, u call him a great player and then a while later, you call him horrible. he doesnt take bad shots cause his stats been rising. and yes phil has got a way for him to change. if kobe quit on his team, which even i agree, i think it was for a better cause. even phil agrees. and riss, no thats not putting words into somebodys mouth. phil called kobe, lebron and wade. a while back, when somebod told you to post players better then him, you posted wade and lebron for sure. now ur saying they are not in their prime and its not fair. jordans prime was when he was averaging 37 points. he didnt win the champiosionship so i guess his prime is a waste too. its funny how people say that when he got his 81 points, he ball hogged way too much. funny how jerry west, a guy that "left" the lakers cause of him totally dissagrees.

everybody in the league is arrogant. pippen was arrogant too. pippen left the bulls to get more money but nobody blames him.

exactly riss, phil is not stupid. that is why he wouldnt just lie to the media because hes coaching kobe. just cause it seems like that, its not. everybody knows theres more to it. im not saying that kobe DIDNT get rid of shaq and he was thefall of the laker dynasty. you should watch the show the top 5 reasons you cant blame kobe for the fall of the lakers. it gives you inside facts that nobody would no. again, phil made the lakers into a contender again. no asorto, they are not a lottery team, again zen master is on my side. phil got them far that whatever he says, it doesnt matter. he proved that he is way more valuable than any coach and buss wouldnt make the same mistake twice. phil could make remarks about him but guess what, if kobe is shooting horribly, than whos fault is it really, its phil. phil is the coach so he should know what the other are doing.

i bet you that the lakers will go much farther than last season. on most people's point of view, this year was a success and they are not looking for a draft to save em. you cant dissagree that they are getting better and that is the main focus rite now. not to win 60 games or dominate. unless they get kg or whatever. its the lakers so many players would want to play for that organization. most nba players said they wont mind playing for kobe :). of course, except for waja.

8:14 PM

Blogger ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

VERY excellent game, though it broke my heart to see the Mavs lose. :-(

You got spunk, babe; I'm adding you to my "favourites". ;-)

8:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dobe dobe dobe... huh? Nice attempt to be clever, but it's not catching on. Let it go. Douche.

6:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a life

2:15 PM

Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

‘A forum for those who hate pompous, self-absorbed, false athletes’ you’ve got a new fan mate!!!

6:42 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Thanks Shaman! We're a bit quiet now during the off-season, but I'll post some more fun material soon.

7:57 PM

Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

I look forward to that!

4:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun stuff to read. Keep up the good work, fellas. I noticed though that there are a couple of dead links on the right column. You might want to keep an eye on that stuff. Thanks.

2:17 PM

Blogger TeamPlayer said...

Thanks a lot! We'll be sure to check those out!

10:00 PM

Anonymous Twelvy1972 said...

Man, I have HATED Kobe for a long time now, and I actually found this site by accident, but I'm glad I did, so, one more time:


12:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey if you guys dont like kobe suck a d_ _ _k only cause hes sexier and more better then you dont mean shit hell be shooting 3 pointera on your ass

1:05 PM

Anonymous Kobe's #1 Fan said...

Digging this article up from the past...

Just wanted to point out how AWESOME Shaq has been these last two years when Dwayne Wade wasn't there to bail his sorry lazy ass out.

Now Wade/Riley are criticizing Shaq... some things never change... poor work ethic is finally overshadowing Shaq's skill.

Lastly... if any of you Kobe hating assholes come back to this piece of shit blog (i hope you get some kind of email alert due to this comment I'm leaving) ... fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Kobe is a champion... no amount of lame ass blog posts or news articles from kobe haters is going to change the facts that he is one of the greatest players of all time.

And for a Kobe fan, it's so utterly satisfying to know that YOU also realize this... which is probably the same frustration that caused you to create this blog.

Hah Hah Hah Fuck you.

5:50 AM

Anonymous bloody ty said...

fuck outta here shaq...u a fuckin bumb..he jus culdnt handle da fact dat kobe is gettin betta...u old and wack so give it up and retire...u dont need to worry bout kobe and worry bout ya slut ass wife who takin all ya money...dat bitch was out trickin...and put all ya fat ass kids on fuckin diets u dumb bitch...hahah...dats y da heat cant win anotha game and i hope ya girlfriend wade breaks both of his legs and his career is ova ufuckin birhead..u suck...u tall doofy bitch...score sum points like my boy kobe and stop hackin...u got fouled out to games in a row...u fuckin dickhead..fuck shaq and his life we wit KOBE...and dwight howard goin to bust dat ass wen yall ply...i cant wait u black bitch...fuck da whole heat organization...

2:49 PM

Blogger Jason Carlton said...

The Heat are fucking 8-28!!!


Solid timing!

The Lakers are looking solid as well at 20-11 and have had one of the toughest schedules so far.

5:52 AM

Anonymous kobe's #1 Fan said...

Yeah, I'm back and this site still fucking sucks.

And Shaq is a piece of shit ... wow Dwayne Wade and Alonzo Mourning are injured and the Heat are 8-28!

Maybe it's clear now that it was Wade and Mourning that carried Shaq through the Heat's championship!

Fuck this blog, fuck TeamPlayer, and fuck the Kobe haters.

5:58 AM

Blogger Jason Carlton said...

Lakers just won the Western Conference in the most competitive season in decades.


3:54 AM

Blogger Samuel Lippke said...

Your blog is disgusting. If you don't love Kobe, you don't love basketball, because he IS basketball.

12:26 PM

Blogger 21CrownSeeker said...

Shaq without Kobe: 1 Ring, 0 Finals MVP
Kobe without Shaq: 2 Rings, 2 Finals MVP, 1 Regular Season MVP, 2X Scoring Champion, USA gold medal, 2 All Star MVP's (Voters felt bad for the big Gorilla so they made him co-MVP with Kobe and he previously shared one with Tim Duncan)
Wow; seems as though Shaq needs Kobe more than he needs Shaq. The creators of this blog are probably some whining Celtic fans are any other team that Kobe's owned.

7:51 PM

Blogger sports fan said...


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